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How to choose the Best Hosting for Beginner  

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How to choose the Best Hosting for Beginner:

Before choosing the best hosting remember that in the first year of blogging, we are not getting traffic more. As it knows the fact that it takes time to show the articles we publish in organic search. In many cases after 6 months or year depending on keyword difficulty and type of SEO, it will be going to be on the first or second page.

If Budget matters or not it's preferable to go for cheap shared hosting with good customer support in the first year of blogging. Then depending on the number of visitors on website upgrade it.

I have chosen cheap and best Webhosting to start with is Hydhosting as my first year blogging, for this website it cost me around RS 900 annually. You too can go with it or any other basic shared hosting plan. Spending much on Blogging is not advisable for Beginner and best to go with WordPress only not with other platforms for installing websites. 

For first-year blogging (Hydhosting)

For second Year and third-year need more reliable Webhosting like ( Hostinger or A2hosting ).

When your website becomes a good income source, you need to upgrade for cloud Hosting or VPS platform like ( Digital Ocean or  Hostinger or A2hosting ).

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Posted : 30/06/2020 2:38 pm